Czech Sharking Butt Naked

The agent is back with more czech sharking episodes. In this one they had a blast leaving this chick butt naked in the middle of the street. Today was a really good day for them because they found this hot chick pretty easy. The hotel they were staying at was surrounded by houses. So one morning while they were having coffee in the balcony they saw this gorgeous girl leaving for work. We already knew that was our next girl, we just had to make sure that she is alone and to try to learn her schedule so we can follow her.


The next morning the same story, after a couple of days they learned her schedule and from what they saw the street was pretty empty so early in the morning. So the next morning they waited for her around her house and after she took a few steps the agent came from behind and pulled off her skirt and then tried taking off her panties too leaving her butt naked in the middle of the street. The poor girls didn’t know how to get dressed faster. It was unbelievable and she just couldn’t believe this happened to her! The best part is that it took her while to dress and we got some really nice pics.

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