Public Czech Sharking

This hot czech girl had a really unpleasant surprise today. While she was returning from the market with her hands busy with her bags, this guy came and lifted her dress. She couldn’t believe that this is happening to her. She tried catching the guy but with no luck because he ran as fast as he could. The czech sharking agent knew that this was going to be an easy target, that’s how they pick them, hot and with their hands busy. It’s really important that they have their hands busy because this way we got more time to take pictures of her, it can’t get more easy than this.


Near the market is always a good place because you find a lot of women and some of them are worth the effort. He saw this blonde going in and patiently waited for her to come out and this was his lucky day because the blonde beauty was carrying around three bags. It was one of his easiest targets lately and he enjoyed every second of it. He couldn’t pull off her dress so he lifted it until the cameraman took some pictures. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more updates!

Enjoy watching this hot blonde getting sharked!