Sharked At The Bus Station

The Czech streets are filled with beautiful women and everyone knows that. We are sure that we aren’t the only ones imagining them naked as they passed by and the field agent is here to help us out with that. Taking off the clothes of beautiful women in public places is his job and it’s a wonderful job if we might add. Who wouldn’t want to walk around the street and undress random chicks that you find hot? Every guy does it in his head at least a hundred times a day.

For today’s czechsharking episode, we have another brunette beauty getting surprised while waiting for the bus. She was wearing this tight pink dress, a dress that turned a lot of heads. She had big tits so the field agent wanted to get a closer look at them. With the cameraman on the other side of the road, the flashing girls agent ran towards her when she was about to enter the bus and pulled off her dress. In no time she was topless in the bus station trying to understand what the hell happened. But before she realized what happened the guys were long gone and with some great pictures in the camera.


See this hot chick flashing her tits in a bus station!

  • Updated September 7, 2017
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