Czech Sharking In Public

The field agent is out again looking for some Czech sharking action this night. During the night is was much easier to do it because there are significantly fewer people on the street and there’s a lot of hot girls going out, so you have variety. While the agent and the cameraman were walking around they saw this hot brunette walking all by herself. She was wearing this short blue skirt so it was time for some low sharking action tonight. It’s been a while since we did some low sharking and we missed it. Besides she was begging us to do it by wearing that skirt! It was really easy to pull down and most of the time we are lucky and pull down the panties too.


The guys waited until they were sure that she isn’t with someone because the last thing you want is having a guy chasing you around the city. Once they made sure that she’s alone they proceeded and the agent did it again. In the middle of the city, the hot Czech girl got sharked, but she was lucky because she still had her panties on her. Like everyone else she was shocked and took her a while to understand what just happened. Enjoy!

Watch here this hot girl getting sharked on the street!