Czech Sharking Video

We have the Czech sharking video for you guys. The field agent did it again! He found this one in the bus and he couldn’t let her go without sharking her and exposing her big tits in front of the camera. They stopped at the same station and he followed her for a bit to give his cameraman some time to get ready. After she stopped in a few stores she crossed the street going to her place, with the field agent behind her. He followed her around for a while because there were some people on the street and he didn’t have where to run and also someone could’ve caught him and he sure didn’t want that to happen.

While she was walking next to this small park, the agent got closer and closer and out of a sudden, he took off her tight top, flashing her big tits in front of the czechsharking camera. The girl was so annoyed and started screaming but the agent ran away as fast as he could. Luckily she didn’t saw the cameraman and he could keep recording her topless in the middle of the city. Luckily for her, there weren’t too many people on the street because it was a rainy day. Either way, they got what they wanted and they brought here to share it with you guys too. Click here to see everything that happened!


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