Sharking A Redhead

The field agent found his new Czech sharking victim for this episode. While the guys were walking around they overheard this girl screaming at someone in the store. So they got closer to find out what’s happening there. The girl screaming was smoking hot. A sexy redhead in a short denim skirt and a black top. The guys knew they had to follow her and try sharking her too. They didn’t find too many redheads around here so they had to go after her. She was completely alone and wearing a top that could be easily pulled down.

After she left the store the guys followed her and after she entered in this parking lot they went for it. They were afraid that she was going to get in a car and they would miss such an opportunity. The czechsharking agent started walking in her direction and when he was close enough he pulled down her top and exposed her tits to the camera. Even after a couple of blocks, the guys could still hear her screaming after them. It was insane!


Check out this hot redhead showing off her tits!