Perfect Target

The czech sharking agent found another easy target in this latest episode. The agent is pretty lucky because he always is in the right place and finds the hottest girls. Going to one of his usual spot he saw his hot blonde getting out of work. They followed her but right when he was about to make a move, this guy approached her and went together from there on. No worried, the agent isn’t going to call it quits so easily. From the way he grabbed her, he seemed to be her boyfriend and they really want to be chased around by him. He is a pretty solid dude so that wouldn’t be to much fun.

The next day he went there at the same hour but the story repeated itself. The third day was his lucky day because after she left work she didn’t meet with her boyfriend and he had a clear shot at her. They followed her away from the crowded streets and when the time was right he made his move and took off her top, exposing her big tits to the camera. She started screaming at him, but no one could help her out because the guys started running as fast as they could. See the entire episode below. Enjoy it!


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