Holiday Season in Prague

It was holiday season in Prague so it took them a while to find a pretty girl to shark. The city was empty, everyone left the city and went on their vacations. The field agent and the cameraman hit their usual places but with no luck. There were girls but no one worth the trouble. Right, when they were about to quit it for the holiday season they saw this hot girl in the park relaxing on a bench next to a lake. We saw a lot of girls all by themselves in the parks and they are really easy targets. No one expects this to happen and they need some time to understand what happen, usually in that time we run. This one wasn’t expecting it either!

She seemed alone and the guys really wanted to see her big tits. So the agent waited for a bit and seeing that no one was in the area he made his move. While she was looking in her phone he came from behind and pulled off her top, exposing her big tits, while the cameraman was taking pictures. After they ran away from the scene and looked at the czechsharking pictures they both decided that it was worth their wait. Check it out below!

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