Czech Sharking Video

We have the Czech sharking video for you guys. The field agent did it again! He found this one in the bus and he couldn’t let her go without sharking her and exposing her big tits in front of the camera. They stopped at the same station and he followed her for a bit to give his cameraman some time to get ready. After she stopped in a few stores she crossed the street going to her place, with the field agent behind her. He followed her around for a while because there were some people on the street and he didn’t have where to run and also someone could’ve caught him and he sure didn’t want that to happen.

While she was walking next to this small park, the agent got closer and closer and out of a sudden, he took off her tight top, flashing her big tits in front of the czechsharking camera. The girl was so annoyed and started screaming but the agent ran away as fast as he could. Luckily she didn’t saw the cameraman and he could keep recording her topless in the middle of the city. Luckily for her, there weren’t too many people on the street because it was a rainy day. Either way, they got what they wanted and they brought here to share it with you guys too. Click here to see everything that happened!


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Real Public Sharking

This one was the easiest target for the field agent, lately. They saw this gorgeous girl walking down the street and she was wearing this cute blouse, a top that can be easily taken off her. The blouse was tied behind her neck so he didn’t have too much work to do. They followed her around the city until she was completely alone in a pretty quiet neighborhood. She was carrying her bag and her other hand was busy holding the umbrella so she couldn’t do a thing. She was one of the cutest girls he ever saw so he had to do it even if it was pouring outside and he had to follow her in the rain. He will remember this time for a really long time.

The field agent followed her getting closer and closer until he was right behind her. Before he untied her blouse, he made sure the cameraman was close to him, they had a short amount of time to take the pictures. After he was him ready with the camera, he untied her blouse and then ran from her. The czechsharking photos are amazing because we got a lot of front photos, showing off her tits. The poor girl was so confused!

Watch here this hot girl getting sharked in public!

Perfect Target

The czech sharking agent found another easy target in this latest episode. The agent is pretty lucky because he always is in the right place and finds the hottest girls. Going to one of his usual spot he saw his hot blonde getting out of work. They followed her but right when he was about to make a move, this guy approached her and went together from there on. No worried, the agent isn’t going to call it quits so easily. From the way he grabbed her, he seemed to be her boyfriend and they really want to be chased around by him. He is a pretty solid dude so that wouldn’t be to much fun.

The next day he went there at the same hour but the story repeated itself. The third day was his lucky day because after she left work she didn’t meet with her boyfriend and he had a clear shot at her. They followed her away from the crowded streets and when the time was right he made his move and took off her top, exposing her big tits to the camera. She started screaming at him, but no one could help her out because the guys started running as fast as they could. See the entire episode below. Enjoy it!


Check out this hot blonde exposing her big tits!

Public Czech Sharking

This hot czech girl had a really unpleasant surprise today. While she was returning from the market with her hands busy with her bags, this guy came and lifted her dress. She couldn’t believe that this is happening to her. She tried catching the guy but with no luck because he ran as fast as he could. The czech sharking agent knew that this was going to be an easy target, that’s how they pick them, hot and with their hands busy. It’s really important that they have their hands busy because this way we got more time to take pictures of her, it can’t get more easy than this.


Near the market is always a good place because you find a lot of women and some of them are worth the effort. He saw this blonde going in and patiently waited for her to come out and this was his lucky day because the blonde beauty was carrying around three bags. It was one of his easiest targets lately and he enjoyed every second of it. He couldn’t pull off her dress so he lifted it until the cameraman took some pictures. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more updates!

Enjoy watching this hot blonde getting sharked!

Czech MILF Topless

We just love rainy days in Prague! A lot of beautiful girls with umbrellas keeping their hands busy waiting for the rain to start, so this it the perfect weather for some sharking action. The only bad thing that could go wrong it was that they could get hit with an umbrella, but that didn’t happen here. They were in this coffee place looking for their next target, she had to be hot and easy to undress and there she was. It’s pretty easy finding girls around the city, most of them go out all by themselves and until this point we never bumped into angry boyfriends. So far so good!

The hot blonde just passed the street, she had both of her hands busy one with an umbrella and the other with her bag. It was perfect! The agent left the cameraman in the coffee place and run outside to try out his luck with the gorgeous blonde. With so much noise around her, she didn’t even hear him coming. The only thing she felt were two cold hands taking off her top and exposing her big tits in the middle of the street. There were a few people there staring at her, so she tried to get her clothes back on her and completely forgot about the czechsharking agent. Enjoy!

See this hot blonde getting sharked in public!

Czech Sharking Butt Naked

The agent is back with more czech sharking episodes. In this one they had a blast leaving this chick butt naked in the middle of the street. Today was a really good day for them because they found this hot chick pretty easy. The hotel they were staying at was surrounded by houses. So one morning while they were having coffee in the balcony they saw this gorgeous girl leaving for work. We already knew that was our next girl, we just had to make sure that she is alone and to try to learn her schedule so we can follow her.


The next morning the same story, after a couple of days they learned her schedule and from what they saw the street was pretty empty so early in the morning. So the next morning they waited for her around her house and after she took a few steps the agent came from behind and pulled off her skirt and then tried taking off her panties too leaving her butt naked in the middle of the street. The poor girls didn’t know how to get dressed faster. It was unbelievable and she just couldn’t believe this happened to her! The best part is that it took her while to dress and we got some really nice pics.

Watch the agent leaves this hot girl butt naked!

Holiday Season in Prague

It was holiday season in Prague so it took them a while to find a pretty girl to shark. The city was empty, everyone left the city and went on their vacations. The field agent and the cameraman hit their usual places but with no luck. There were girls but no one worth the trouble. Right, when they were about to quit it for the holiday season they saw this hot girl in the park relaxing on a bench next to a lake. We saw a lot of girls all by themselves in the parks and they are really easy targets. No one expects this to happen and they need some time to understand what happen, usually in that time we run. This one wasn’t expecting it either!

She seemed alone and the guys really wanted to see her big tits. So the agent waited for a bit and seeing that no one was in the area he made his move. While she was looking in her phone he came from behind and pulled off her top, exposing her big tits, while the cameraman was taking pictures. After they ran away from the scene and looked at the czechsharking pictures they both decided that it was worth their wait. Check it out below!

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Sharking A Redhead

The field agent found his new Czech sharking victim for this episode. While the guys were walking around they overheard this girl screaming at someone in the store. So they got closer to find out what’s happening there. The girl screaming was smoking hot. A sexy redhead in a short denim skirt and a black top. The guys knew they had to follow her and try sharking her too. They didn’t find too many redheads around here so they had to go after her. She was completely alone and wearing a top that could be easily pulled down.

After she left the store the guys followed her and after she entered in this parking lot they went for it. They were afraid that she was going to get in a car and they would miss such an opportunity. The czechsharking agent started walking in her direction and when he was close enough he pulled down her top and exposed her tits to the camera. Even after a couple of blocks, the guys could still hear her screaming after them. It was insane!


Check out this hot redhead showing off her tits!

Czech Sharking In Public

The field agent is out again looking for some Czech sharking action this night. During the night is was much easier to do it because there are significantly fewer people on the street and there’s a lot of hot girls going out, so you have variety. While the agent and the cameraman were walking around they saw this hot brunette walking all by herself. She was wearing this short blue skirt so it was time for some low sharking action tonight. It’s been a while since we did some low sharking and we missed it. Besides she was begging us to do it by wearing that skirt! It was really easy to pull down and most of the time we are lucky and pull down the panties too.


The guys waited until they were sure that she isn’t with someone because the last thing you want is having a guy chasing you around the city. Once they made sure that she’s alone they proceeded and the agent did it again. In the middle of the city, the hot Czech girl got sharked, but she was lucky because she still had her panties on her. Like everyone else she was shocked and took her a while to understand what just happened. Enjoy!

Watch here this hot girl getting sharked on the street!

Sharked At The Bus Station

The Czech streets are filled with beautiful women and everyone knows that. We are sure that we aren’t the only ones imagining them naked as they passed by and the field agent is here to help us out with that. Taking off the clothes of beautiful women in public places is his job and it’s a wonderful job if we might add. Who wouldn’t want to walk around the street and undress random chicks that you find hot? Every guy does it in his head at least a hundred times a day.

For today’s czechsharking episode, we have another brunette beauty getting surprised while waiting for the bus. She was wearing this tight pink dress, a dress that turned a lot of heads. She had big tits so the field agent wanted to get a closer look at them. With the cameraman on the other side of the road, the flashing girls agent ran towards her when she was about to enter the bus and pulled off her dress. In no time she was topless in the bus station trying to understand what the hell happened. But before she realized what happened the guys were long gone and with some great pictures in the camera.


See this hot chick flashing her tits in a bus station!

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