Real Public Sharking

This one was the easiest target for the field agent, lately. They saw this gorgeous girl walking down the street and she was wearing this cute blouse, a top that can be easily taken off her. The blouse was tied behind her neck so he didn’t have too much work to do. They followed her around the city until she was completely alone in a pretty quiet neighborhood. She was carrying her bag and her other hand was busy holding the umbrella so she couldn’t do a thing. She was one of the cutest girls he ever saw so he had to do it even if it was pouring outside and he had to follow her in the rain. He will remember this time for a really long time.

The field agent followed her getting closer and closer until he was right behind her. Before he untied her blouse, he made sure the cameraman was close to him, they had a short amount of time to take the pictures. After he was him ready with the camera, he untied her blouse and then ran from her. The czechsharking photos are amazing because we got a lot of front photos, showing off her tits. The poor girl was so confused!

Watch here this hot girl getting sharked in public!